The Author

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About the author

Neraida Hansen, mind-set and business coach, specializes in empowerment for women, helping them take fearless, consistent steps towards their goals, so they can grow their passion and trust themselves as individuals and businesswomen. Neraida is all about controlling your fears, changing your mind-set, and gaining knowledge that will equip you to become the woman you desireto be.

As a female entrepreneur and former teenage mom, Neraida has been through some obstacles and faced many challenges. She has many scars from her battles with fear and disappointment, but these difficult experiences have also taught her how to take ownership of her life and her own success.

During her coaching career and life experiences, Neraida has discovered that the main thing that keeps people from living their desired lives is fear. Having gleaned much from her own experience and those of others, she is now in a position to take your hand and help you climb the stairs of success, to take fearless action towards your desired life and business. She offers proven tips and tools to help anyone achieve fearless success.

Neraida is mother of two daughters and one son, enjoys happy and healthy relationships, and harbors a deep passion for helping other young mothers succeed in life